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  Biotechnology (BT) Chemistry (CY) Economics (EN) Geology (GG) Mathematics (MA) Mathematical Statistics (MS) Physics (PH)
Question Paper BT2021 CY2021 EN2021 GG2021 MA2021 MS2021 PH2021
Answer Key KEYBT2021 KEYCY2021 KEYEN2021 KEYGG2021 KEYMA2021 KEYMS2021 KEYPH2021


The sequence of questions and options in the question paper found on the candidate’s response sheet may differ from the one posted here. The answer keys are open to challenge during March 1-3, 2021 by paying a fee of ₹500 per question through the JOAPS portal. The question number and answer mentioned in the challenge must be according to the question paper posted on this webpage and not the one found on the candidate’s response sheet. Candidates challenging the answer key must also provide a detailed answer to the question. The fee of ₹500 will be refunded only if a challenge is found to be valid. The final answer key will be available on this webpage in the third week of March 2021.


The health and safety of our examination participants is of utmost priority. Due to the current pandemic situation, all dates mentioned in this poster may be subject to changes. At this point of time, we intend to move forward with the JAM-2021. In rare cases, it may be necessary to cancel or postpone the examination because of situations beyond our control. All updates will be notified on JAM 2021 website http://jam.iisc.ac.in