Biotechnology (BT) Chemistry (CY) Geology (GG) Mathematics (MA)

Statistics (MS)

Physics (PH)
2020 BT2020 CY2020 GG2020 MA2020 MS2020 PH2020
2019 BT2019 CY2019 GG2019 MA2019 MS2019 PH2019
2018 BT2018 CY2018 GG2018 MA2018 MS2018 PH2018
2017 BT2017 CY2017 GG2017 MA2017 MS2017 PH2017
2016 BT2016 CY2016 GG2016 MA2016 MS2016 PH2016


The health and safety of our examination participants is of utmost priority. Due to the current pandemic situation, all dates mentioned in this poster may be subject to changes. At this point of time, we intend to move forward with the JAM-2021. In rare cases, it may be necessary to cancel or postpone the examination because of situations beyond our control. All updates will be notified on JAM 2021 website